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What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Gym


What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles – Valentine’s Day

In the latest The Flip Side episode it’s, surprise, Valentine’s Day. the girls are probably only realizing what the date is, while slurping their morning coffee.  If they are especially unlucky, their boyfriends’ snarky look will remind them. All day the are planning something big, only for it to end up with the classic candlelit dinner. Funny and strange all at once, this casting, but I have no objection about who pays the bill.rates – some sweet traditions. Happy Valentine’s Day guys! :)

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Pint-sized pair’s salsa burns up Internet!

Two kids are burning up the dance floor — and the Internet — with their amazing moves, and video of them salsa dancing has gone viral. Kevin Tellez and Beberly Devers amaze the audience at the 2014 Israeli Salsa Congress with their dance routine.

I Can’t Believe This Entire Dance Video Was Created in One Take

“I’d like thank everyone in NYC who volunteered their time and hard work to make this video possible. Shout out to my brother Blayre for flying out to help me capture this moment. This was truly a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without you all!” – Kiesza

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